Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Made in Australia

Mr Bob Puzzles is a family business and is proudly Australian owned, producing Made In Australia, premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzles.

We're working tirelessly at Mr Bob Puzzles, designing and making world class wooden jigsaw puzzles. Wooden jigsaw puzzles are our passion!
Our essential oils are beneficial as the blending of most Australian Eucalyptus (melaleucas) and citrus have anti-viral, anti-bacterial benefits. Stress and anxiety affects the immune system so a breath a day of our oils while challenging the mind with Mr Bob Puzzles will assist considerably in the recuperation of stressed minds and bodies.

Mr Bob Puzzles was established 2017 by Bob Williams from Victoria and Western Australia. An avid belief in jigsaw puzzle assembly having multi-faceted health benefits, across all ages, led Bob to establish Mr Bob Puzzles. Mr Bob Puzzles, wooden jigsaw puzzles, are designed and made in Australia to world's best standards. More than 60% of the Mr Bob Puzzles - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle range -  display Bob's art. 

Christopher Williams, Product Development, Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations. Chris is the youngest son of Bob Williams. Chris has a young family and provides support in product development (particularly young children puzzles), sales, marketing and customer relations. His young daughters are product testers as are a number of family members and friends.

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