Jigsaw Puzzles As A Marketing Tool

Jigsaw Puzzles As A Marketing Tool

Using Jigsaw Puzzles as a Marketing Tool

At Mr Bob Puzzles we believe that using jigsaw puzzles as a marketing tool can be a very effective way of achieving some of your marketing objectives.

Using jigsaw  puzzles is a good idea as they have instant recognition among many audiences, and in most cases, there’s also a built-in appeal for them already.

These make great ideas for promotions because their mass appeal can get your company logo or slogan seen by large numbers of people.

A major feature of using jigsaw puzzles as a marketing tool is that they include a element of fun, and that they stimulate the puzzle solver, so as to increase and retain engagement for a longer period of time than some other kinds of promotions might.

The great thing about using jigsaw puzzles as a marketing tool for your business is that they tend to generate fun times for the problem solvers, while at the same time raising awareness of your company and its branding.

Choosing the right type of puzzle for your business, you can create a very favorable impression in the minds of participants, who will then associate the fun and novelty of the puzzle with your business itself.

How Can We Help You

Highly Customisable - We work with our clients to deliver a wooden jigsaw puzzle to exactly how the corporation would like it to look. From the puzzle image, to the graphics on the box, even the amount of pieces and the difficulty of the puzzle. Nothing is out of the question, what you want, we can deliver.

Design Opportunity - The lid, sides and back of the box, as well as on the wooden jigsaw puzzle itself have space for outstanding brand design. This means that a eye catching image can be made for you puzzle which will stick in the puzzle assemblers mind, and think about your business.

Brand Rememberance - Wooden jigsaw puzzles last for years, and tend to be passed down through family members or friends. This means your organisations brand will be seen by numerous people whilst lasting for a very long time.