Mr Bob Dissectologist Of The Month

Mr Bob Dissectologist Of The Month

Introducing  Mr Bob Puzzles April Dissectologist of the month,Leah Ward from Queensland, Australia.

Leah is our Dissectologist of the month simply for taking on our A3, 1001 piece,100 Aussie Icons, 'World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle'.

Leah completed the puzzle in around 12 hours. A terrific effort!!

" I got the A3,1001 piece as a challenge. And not only was it a challenge but it was awesome fun too. I love the different shaped pieces even though they drove me crazy sometimes. I didn't want it to end.

"It took me around 12 hours all up. But all I want to do is pull it apart to start all over again. I'm not sure I'll be able to go back to a standard puzzle after this."

Send us a photo of yourself with a completed Mr Bob Puzzles Australian made wooden jigsaw puzzle, and you may be our next Dissectologist of the month.

Our Dissectologist's of the month receive a $20 gift voucher to go towards their next Mr Bob Puzzles purchase.